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Magda Koutsoupia - Nutritionist - Dietician - Specialization in pathological conditions - Thessaloniki


Nutritionist - Dietitian Magda Koutsoupia is an experienced professional in the field of nutrition and health. Based in Thessaloniki, Ms Koutsoupia has dedicated herself to providing nutritional and dietetic advice to people dealing with pathological conditions, especially in the field of cardiology.

Ms. Koutsoupia holds a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the recognized University of Thessaloniki and has additional expertise in the field of pathology. Her knowledge and experience in this area of health allows her to provide expert nutritional advice for the prevention and management of heart disease.

Ms. Koutsoupias' approach to nutrition is personalized and collaborative. After assessing the needs and history of each client, she designs a customized diet plan that combines healthy nutrition with their individual condition and needs. The nutritionist also provides extensive information and education on the importance of a balanced diet and healthy habits to support cardiovascular health.

Ms. Koutsoupia is specialized in the management of pathological conditions such as high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, type 2 diabetes and obesity. By constantly monitoring and making adjustments to her clients' diet, she has helped many people achieve better health and effectively control their medical conditions.

In addition, Mrs. Koutsoupia promotes the importance of collaboration between nutritionists, doctors and other qualified health professionals for the effective approach and management of pathological conditions. She is also up-to-date on the latest scientific developments in nutrition and cardiology, and is constantly updating her practice based on new findings.

Nutritionist - Dietitian Magda Koutsoupia is a reliable choice for those who face pathological conditions and want specialized nutrition advice to achieve optimal cardiovascular health. With her experience, knowledge and specialized orientation, Mrs. Koutsoupia is a sure guarantee for high quality care and support in nutrition and health.