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Physiological Conditions
Magda Koutsoupia - Nutritionist - Dietician - Specialization in pathological conditions - Thessaloniki


Nutritionist - Dietician Magda Koutsoupia is a specialized professional in the field of nutrition, based in Thessaloniki. Her practice focuses on providing nutrition advice and guidance with the aim of promoting health and improving the quality of life through nutrition.

Mrs. Koutsoupia has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of physiological nutrition, as she is specialized in the study of the physiological states of the body. Her role is to help her clients understand the importance of a balanced diet and choose the right foods to support their health.

Regardless of the physiological state of the body, Ms. Koutsoupia approaches nutrition as an important factor for health and well-being. Based on each individual's needs and preferences, he provides individualized meal plans that seek to meet nutritional needs and achieve health goals.

The goal of Nutritionist - Dietician Magda Koutsoupias is to help her clients develop healthy eating habits and achieve their personal goals in the field of health and wellness through nutrition.