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Magda Koutsoupia - Nutritionist - Dietician - Specialization in pathological conditions - Thessaloniki


Nutritionist - Dietitian Magda Koutsoupia is a specialized professional based in Thessaloniki, who deals with the field of nutrition, focusing especially on pregnancy and the nutrition of pregnant women.

Pregnancy is a special period in a woman's life, during which the nutritional needs of the body change. Mrs. Koutsoupia understands the importance of a healthy diet during pregnancy, both for the mother and for the developing child.

Based on her scientific knowledge and practical experience, Ms. Koutsoupia provides individual nutrition advice for pregnant women, taking into account their special needs during this phase. The nutritionist promotes a balanced diet that provides the necessary nutrients for the health of the mother and the proper development of the child.

In addition, Ms. Koutsoupia provides information and advice on topics such as calorie intake, balanced distribution of macronutrients, managing symptoms during pregnancy and avoiding food-related effects such as adverse allergic reactions or insufficient iron intake .

Ms. Koutsoupia's approach is based on a personalized approach and collaboration with pregnant women, taking into account preferences, needs and any special requirements that may exist. Its aim is to encourage pregnant women to have a healthy and balanced diet, which will contribute to a healthy pregnancy and the healthy development of the child.

Nutritionist - Dietitian Magda Koutsoupia is a reliable professional, who with knowledge, experience and sensitivity to the needs of pregnant women, provides the necessary support for a healthy and beneficial diet during pregnancy.