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Magda Koutsoupia - Nutritionist - Dietician - Specialization in pathological conditions - Thessaloniki


Nutritionist - Dietician Magda Koutsoupia is a recognized professional based in Thessaloniki, who specializes in the field of pathological conditions, with an emphasis on hematological issues. Ms. Koutsoupia holds a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Thessaloniki. Her experience and knowledge in this area of health allows her to provide expert nutritional advice for the management of pathological conditions related to hematological problems.

Blood diseases can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of individuals. Nutrition can play a critical role in managing these conditions and improving hematological parameters. Ms. Koutsoupia is specialized in assessing needs and problems related to hematology and can provide personalized nutrition and dietetic advice.

Ms. Koutsoupia's approach is based on understanding the individual needs and pathological conditions of each patient. Based on this information, he designs a personalized diet plan aimed at the balanced regulation of hematological parameters and the improvement of health.

In addition, Ms. Koutsoupia emphasizes educating and informing her patients about hematology and the importance of nutrition in blood health. In doing so, it enhances patients' awareness of the interaction of nutrition with hematologic function and provides the tools for healthy disease management.